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When you think of your home being ‘smart’ you are probably considering the smart TV with all your favourite shows ready to be streamed, your fridge that reads out recipes and your voice assistant that orders anything you need at a mere command. However, with the rapidly evolving technology space providing more robots, algorithms and implants then most of us can keep up with, it is not a far away  concept that as we age so will our needs – from tech integrated convenience, to tech-integrated safety. Read More.

Renovating a rental property can be an expensive and time consuming business but the good news is that many of the costs you incur can be claimed as a tax deduction, reducing your tax bill for the financial year you undertake the work.  Read More.

Over 2.1 million people – or about 8% of the Australian population – own an investment property according to ATO figures.  This boom in investment property ownership throws up particular challenges for the ATO, both in making sure that they know exactly who owns what and also in making sure that taxpayers aren’t distorting the system. Read More.

It’s tempting to consider cutting out the management fees for a property so that 100% of the rent is paid to you.

But, if you remove the fee and the service – is it worth it? Read More.

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