Meet our new columnist Wendy Russell

Wendy Russell is an Independent Buyer’s Agent, Auction Strategist and Storytelling Writer based in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in purchases within 15km of the CBD. A successful property investor and business owner at just 23, Wendy has contributed significantly to the Australian property industry during her 18 year career, with regular features in industry publications and client […]

10 ways to add value, reduce your vacancy period and attract a better tenant without breaking the budget!

When discussing marketing with my clients, I always have an honest conversation on how we can maximise the property’s exposure and attract a larger pool of tenants to the home. Getting this right up front drastically reduces your vacancy period and income loss while increasing the quality of tenants look to rent your investment. A […]

Investing That Spans The Generations

Have you ever wondered what starts people on their investment journey? For many, it’s the circumstance surrounding a ‘life’ event, such as a divorce, death of a partner or ending of a relationship. For others it may be turning a significant birthday or just realizing that the retirement you had dreamed of just wasn’t going […]