So your investment property is riddled with asbestos? Here’s how you can fix it up tax effectively

One of the biggest problems facing investors with properties of “a certain age” is that many of the materials used in the construction of the property won’t pass muster with contemporary health and safety regulations. Indeed, many such materials are downright dangerous. For properties built between the 1940s and 1980s, asbestos is a particular problem. […]

Are you running a business of property investing? It can make a difference to your taxes!

Most people who own rental properties disclose their rental income and expenses in the rental section of the individual tax return but in some cases, the ATO can treat you as if running your rental property portfolio is actually a business. In that case, you disclose all your income and expenses in the business part […]

How to stay out of trouble with the ATO, property hotspots sure to catch the taxman’s eye

Over 2.1 million people – or about 8% of the Australian population – own an investment property according to ATO figures.  This boom in investment property ownership throws up particular challenges for the ATO, both in making sure that they know exactly who owns what and also in making sure that taxpayers aren’t rorting the […]

New depreciation rules bite for residential investment property owners

One of the tax benefits of owning an investment property is the ability to write off (or depreciate) the cost of capital assets included within the property as a deduction from your overall income from the property. However, changes a couple of years ago have adversely affected the tax benefits available to property investors in […]

Early Access to your Superannuation – When and How

Economic hardship can arise at any time. Perhaps you lose your job, perhaps you suddenly find yourself afflicted with a serious illness. Whatever the reason, one of the first questions people want an answer to is whether it’s possible to access your super fund early in order to temporarily or permanently alleviate financial difficulty. Sadly, […]