Who are the UK’s top ten property specialists of 2019?

The Property Investor is producing our 2019 showcase of  the UK’s Top Ten Property Specialists. Our 2019 showcase covers all disciplines within the sector from commercial and residential developers to design, finance and property marketing. The UK’s Top Ten Property Specialists recognises the outstanding contribution made by individual UK property experts who have, collectively, shaped […]

Maria Carlino: The do’s and don’ts when looking for an investment property

There are many considerations when buying an investment property, which depend upon whether you are looking for a long-term investment or a future home. One of the most common mistakes investors make, especially if it’s their first time buying an investment property, is emotional buying. Put your personal preferences aside (unless you plan to live […]

Tightening of credit: How it is affecting the Australian property market and why you should still invest

Read anything about the property market at the moment, and it sounds like doom and gloom. House prices are going down; banks are tightening credit. It can be quite confusing for investors, and many will be sitting back waiting to find out what the market is doing, perhaps waiting for the right time and for […]