Are you running a business of property investing? It can make a difference to your taxes!

Most people who own rental properties disclose their rental income and expenses in the rental section of the individual tax return but in some cases, the ATO can treat you as if running your rental property portfolio is actually a business. In that case, you disclose all your income and expenses in the business part […]

Maria Carlino: The do’s and don’ts when looking for an investment property

There are many considerations when buying an investment property, which depend upon whether you are looking for a long-term investment or a future home. One of the most common mistakes investors make, especially if it’s their first time buying an investment property, is emotional buying. Put your personal preferences aside (unless you plan to live […]

Michael Sloan : The 5 Rules a Sydney Couple Followed to Build a 7 Figure Property Portfolio While Reducing Their Risk

Building wealth through investment property isn’t a simple endeavour. Just having one property under your control won’t generate wealth. You need to know how to build a property portfolio.   Very few investors start with even a basic property investment plan. They typically have their own homes and use the equity they build to buy […]