UK: Influx of ‘one-time’ investors swapping stocks for bricks and mortar reports agency

Investors abandon institutional investment products for more favourable returns on capital (Surrenden Invest) We have seen an influx of inexperienced investors who have never considered property for investment before, one time investors (Surrenden Invest) Buy in the best areas and don’t compromise on location, especially when buying outside of the Capital (Surrenden Invest) Last year, […]

Overcoming the Fear Factor

FEAR ‘Fear directs people. True learning comes from passion, energy and desire. When it comes to money, people play it safe to feel secure. Passion does not direct them. The main cause of financial struggle is fear and ignorance.’ – Robert Kiyosaki My advice is to avoid the naysayers, the people who talk negatively about […]

Shady Advice versus the Right Advice

Not financial advisors Many people, when they think of obtaining advice, turn to financial planners/financial advisors. Let’s bust the myth that they can help you with specific property research, property sourcing, and sound advice. The financial planning industry deals with investment products (securities). Currently, the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission – ASIC – does not […]

Chinese investors pumping billions into Australian property

AUSTRALIA’S money laundering watchdog investigated more than $3 billion in suspicious transfers by Chinese investors last year, including $1 billion in property transactions. The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) has confirmed $3.36 billion worth of transactions contained in 5886 “suspect matter reports” filed with the intelligence agency by banks and remitters in 2015-16. […]