Why investing in Greek real estate is a good option

There’s more potential to make money in the country’s real estate than most people think. The majority of Europe’s real estate markets are overheated but Greece is one of the few countries where property is still relatively cheap. Today, ready-to-move-in residential property in central Athens sells at an average of €2,500/m². Compare this to Barcelona […]

Charlie Evans – The Country Estate – The Ultimate Luxury Property

For many people, buying a luxury property represents the ultimate symbol of success – a trophy asset. Along with yachts, super cars or private jets, luxury property is something that many aspire to, yet only a relative few can really afford.  Of course, there are differing degrees of luxury, depending on your budget.   One […]

Leonard Teplin – How To Buy A Luxury Apartment Off The Plan

Many downsizers choose luxury apartments when it comes time to sell the large family homes. With the security of being able to lock up and leave for extended holidays and access to amenities such as rooftop gardens and pools, an apartment makes perfect sense. Those considering an off-the-plan apartment are generally more astute than your […]

Steve Jovcevski – Buying Luxury Property: 4 Questions You’ll Want Answers To

Whether it’s a multimillion terrace or a mansion by the water, investing in a luxury property is a dream for many Australians. But what you might not know is that, aside from the higher price you’ll need to pay, there are a number of other differences between purchasing a luxury property and a normal house. […]

Property in Lisbon: 5 reasons to invest

Today, one can safely assume that there is a new trend in the foreign property market among investors, and it’s centred around Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Stable political and social environment, modern education system, low crime rates, high living standards, strengthening of the Portuguese economy, these are just a few factors that make this […]

Top 5 global tech hubs: a paradise for property investors

Expert Market, the US analytical web portal, published its ranking of the best cities to live and work in for IT professionals. They analysed the average income level, the volume of financing available to local startups and the costs of living in different cities around the globe. Tranio experts examine the world’s top five tech hubs, according to Expert Market, to find out how the density per square metre of IT professionals affects […]

Five main trends in international real estate

How are things going on the global real estate market? What future challenges does it face? International real estate platform Tranio presents an overview of the main trends investors should consider now and in 2019. Germany is ‘a safe haven’ Germany is still one of the most popular countries for international investors. According to the UN, the […]