Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists: Daniel Baxter

As Co-Founder of Your Hot Property and licensee of his own real estate agency, Daniel Baxter has been involved in the sale and purchase of over $400 million dollars worth of property and over 600 individual property transactions, Australia wide.

Having been a licensed real estate agent in NSW, QLD, VIC and Tasmania at the same time, this gave Daniel a unique understanding of all things property and also the varying markets.

He then used the experience and skills he gained to go from a selling agent of almost 6 years to switching sides and using that same skill-set to purchase property for clients working as both a buyers agent and advocate under his own business.

With a keen interest in technology, automation and digital marketing Daniel spotted a gap in the market that wasn’t being serviced and moved quickly to innovate and change that.

Daniel realised a sector of the market was being neglected because of years of crazy property growth. They were crying out for help but unable to access it.  That market was first home buyers.

With Daniel’s years of property and industry experience, he Co-founded and developed the ‘First Home Buyer Buddy’ with his wife and business partner Lisa, also a real estate agent. A system that has been designed to save to help first home buyers make better-informed property decisions and help them save money, time and stress when they purchase their first home.

This system now sits alone as Australia’s premier tool, recommended by mortgage brokers and finance professionals, to help first home buyers along the property buying journey.


Nominee’s three achievements

1. The ‘First Home Buyer Buddy’ – A 10 step online programme designed for first-time buyers.

Daniel has Co-founded and developed the ‘First Home Buyer Buddy’, Australia’s only online step-by-step system specifically designed to support ‘First Home Buyers’ through the stressful property buying process. Daniel downloaded his years of real estate experience and put it into a 10 step programme that supports and helps the first home buyer make better-informed property decisions with the aim of saving them thousands of dollars.

This is achieved through the industry first online learning and education programme Daniel developed and is delivered via video tutorials, downloads, checklist and templates all at the push of a button.

The system guides the first home buyer through every step of the buying process. It’s like the first home buyer having a ‘virtual buyers agent’ by their side and it’s an affordable way for first home buyers to access the help they need, no matter how big or small their budget is.

2. Your Hot Property – Real Estate Agency

As Co-Founder of Your Hot Property and licensee of his own real estate agency, Daniel Baxter has been involved in the sale and purchase of over $400 million dollars worth of property and over 600 individual property transactions, Australia wide.

In that time Daniel was a licensed real estate agent in 4 different states NSW, QLD, VIC and Tasmania. This gave him a rare insight into different markets, regulations, trends and people and he uses those skills to continually innovate in the property space.

With a keen interest in marketing, Daniel developed ways to attract business online using Facebook as his marketing centrepiece. He found this more effective than using ‘old school’ time consuming real estate prospecting techniques of cold-calling. Daniel is a big believer that there is always a better, smarter way to do things more effectively, you just have to find it.

3. The ‘6 Week Conversion Focused Workshop Accelerator’ – For finance and property professionals

Daniel Co-created and developed the ‘6-week conversion focused workshop accelerator’ as a way for all professionals involved in a property transaction to work together and grow their businesses.

The concept was created to show how working together and delivering education based local community workshops on real estate and finance topics can help drive business success.

These workshops teach the enrollee how to market and generate new leads for their businesses, increase their expert status in the local community and build a strong referral network with other complementary partners along the way.

This system when implemented has the potential to add 6 figures to the users business when they make it an ongoing part of their marketing strategy.

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