Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists: Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan is the founder of a National property advisory firm, The Successful Investor. Both Michael and his team have helped thousands of people build strong property portfolios by sourcing reliable residential properties. He is a member of the Association of Financial Advisors, Panel of Experts– Your Client Matters.  Michael is also a Property Expert engaged by the National Australia Bank to write for their website.

Michael is also a qualified Property Investment Advisor , a licensed Financial Planner and an award-winning Mortgage Broker.

Michael has presented to an infinite number of people all over Australia and is regularly quoted in the media appearing on Sky News, the ABC, Channel 9 and more.

Also, Michael is the author of two informative books, The Formula to Successful Property Investing (Available from Dymocks and other good bookstores)  and Cracking the Real Estate Code (available as a free download from The Successful Investor website).

The philosophy that Michael shares is that there” is not no one way to invest, so don’t listen to anyone who tells you there is”. You must find your own formula for success,  one that works for your specific financial circumstances.  His advice is to remember that what works for someone else may not work for you!

In over 25 years in the property industry, Michael has personally interviewed over a 1,000 investors and potential investors. He has discovered what people did right, what they did wrong and why some people never got started.

It was this research that led Michael to write his own books and create some free tools and resources that are available for anyone to use. They include two apps;  the_formula and The Formula Retirement app.  He has also developed some unique calculators that can help everyone work through their numbers and personal scenarios.

In the past two years, Michael has designed a unique software program called Your Future, Your Perfect Life. This program demonstrates how anyone’s financial life looks today and if they are on track or not to reach their financial goals. The program can then calculate a variety of scenarios using property as a vehicle for economic security.  This program is only available for clients of The Successful Investor.


Nominee’s three achievements

Michael is the only property expert on the panel of experts for the Association of Financial Advisors Website, Your Client Matters.

Michael writes for the National Australia Bank website

Michael has written two books, The Formula to Successful Property Investing and Cracking the Real Estate Code.

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