Successful Australian Women Property Specialists: Jo Carmichael

In our special Movers and Shakers series The Property Investor is proud to showcase successful Australian women property specialists. The individual women selected are outstanding property professionals who have either mentored others, changed the industry for the better through their individual effort or innovated and introduced a new property-related product offering that has brought real value to customers lives or businesses.


Jo Carmichael


Jo Carmichael founded All Sorted Out and soon afterwards fell into the niche of ‘Decluttering & Preparing for Sale’, long held family homes. These are homes lived in by the one person or a couple for generally 30 years plus. Some homes have been held & lived in by different generations for over 60 years – and the owner of vendor decides its time to move to more compact accommodation – or to downsize.


After graduating from ANU Canberra, Jo was employed in Sydney as a bilingual Production Co-ordinator, by a Japanese Production Company, servicing Japanese drama and TV commercials filmed in Australia. Together with a crew made up of both Australian and Japanese film technicians, they organised and managed the productions Australia wide, making them fabulous by doing the impossible. Jo then progressed to the Australian film industry spending many years as a Script Supervisor & Production Co-ordinator.


No industry could provide you with more opportunities to hone people skills, become organised and creative with a can do attitude while having fun. Family life with a husband and 3 young children paved the way for a new chapter and All Sorted Out was born.


She is now a Professional Organiser & Declutter Expert who helps vendors decide what to do with a lifetime of memories & belongings, helping to make smart decisions about what to keep, how to dispose of items without burdening land fill, and how to store in the new home, in order to move to new accommodation – downsize – possibly right size.  Jo employs her people skills, a positive mindset & calmness to both encourage and empower older vendors that they can do this – the results have been outstanding. Both the Real Estate Agent involved in the sale, and family members alike have been continually impressed with the transformation in both the presentation of the property and the vendor’s mindset as a result of Jo’s assistance.


“Decluttering & Preparing for Sale’ is a niche within the real estate business – a bespoke and practical hands on process to maximise the property’s appeal and ultimately the sales price.  It is often the Real Estate Agent or Property Stylist who suggests Jo come on board and assist this vendor who is often also downsizing.   Sometimes it is adult children or family living out of town, aware their parents may need some coaxing and mentoring to achieve the downsize who contact Jo for help via her website  All Sorted Out.        Her ‘Declutter and Downsize’ service creates considerable added value for vendors.  Decluttering not only allows them to prepare the existing home for sale – as emotional as it can be rewarding, it also enables them to move on with less clutter and into a new more streamlined home with a spring in their step.


All Sorted Out.

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