Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Property Investment – Contributors Edition

Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Property Investment offers practical, proven and easy to follow advice on how to invest in property.

With insightful chapters written by some of the world’s sharpest property investors, this is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to invest in property and maximize their profits while minimizing losses.

Chapters include a look at landed property through the ages,  maximizing value, how not to invest in property, common misconceptions and winning strategies, the importance of developing a relationship with your property manager and how to plan and undertake a thorough risk assessment.

Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Property Investment is written by Michael Davoren, Wade Burns, Luke Egan, Frazer Fearnhead, Ian Ugarte,  Dr Shane Geha,  Wai Oo, Scott Kay, Rebecca Fogarty, Lillie Cawthorn,   Marion Mays, Scott Pendlebury,  Andrew Crossley and Charyn Youngson.

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This edition is reserved for contributors only.


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