Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists 2018

The Property Investor is pleased to announce our 2018 showcase of  Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists.  The outstanding individuals listed in our  top ten cover all disciplines within the sector from commercial and residential developers to design, finance and property marketing.

Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists recognises the outstanding contribution made by individual Australian property experts who have, collectively, shaped the built environment across Australia over the past twelve months.


Greville Pabst

Greville Pabst is one of Australia’s leading property commentators and a passionate advocate for the role property plays in creating personal wealth.  Spanning three decades, Greville’s career is characterised by entrepreneurial drive and innovative vision. Throughout his extensive career Greville has witnessed the often costly mistakes people make when buying and selling property, and he passionately believes in seeking professional advice when it comes to property.   Read More.

Christine Williams

A leading property portfolio specialist, Christine Williams and her team help Australian investors maximise wealth through residential real estate. Known as the Go To Girl™ and a first-class property expert, Christine’s clients call her the voice of reason in a media hyped world.  Christine creates awareness through education to give everyday people the opportunity to build financial wealth in a very holistic approach.   Read More.

John Pidgeon

John Pidgeon is Solvere’s Director and Head Property and Finance Educator.  He has been coaching and teaching people in sport, education, business and property for 20 years and seriously investing in property for 17 years.  He has a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of Financial Planning and is a qualified Mortgage Broker.  He coaches clients everyday to understand complex property deals in great depth, and to break down the deal with clarity for the most successful outcome.  Read More.


Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan is the founder of a National property advisory firm, The Successful Investor.  Both Michael and his team have helped thousands of people build strong property portfolios by sourcing reliable residential properties. He is a member of the Association of Financial Advisors, Panel of Experts– Your Client Matters.  Michael is also a Property Expert engaged by the National Australia Bank to write for their website. Read More.


Joshua Boctorani

Joshua Boctorani has long been involved in Australia’s finance and property industry, with more than 13 years of experience. After completing a Finance and Economics Degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, he began his career in investment banking, before joining a nationwide financial planning firm. Here, he rose through the ranks to become a financial adviser, senior real estate consultant and then a State Manager across both South Australia and New South Wales.   Read More.

Nathan Lewes

Nathan Lewes has been working in various aspects of the Australian property industry for more than 12 years. He has worked in a range of roles from local residential real estate to high-end property marketing, and in offices across Australia from Sydney to Perth.    He co-founded AssetBase in 2017 to work on his passion – negotiating great deals for buyers looking to get into the property investment market.  Read More.

Daniel Baxter

As Co-Founder of Your Hot Property and licensee of his own real estate agency, Daniel Baxter has been involved in the sale and purchase of over $400 million dollars worth of property and over 600 individual property transactions, Australia wide.  Having been a licensed real estate agent in NSW, QLD, VIC and Tasmania at the same time, this gave Daniel a unique understanding of all things property and also the varying markets.  Read More.


Ian Ugarte

Ian Ugarte is a property expert and change maker, successfully using Nationwide Policies to work on affordable housing outcomes in Australia.   In his capacity as founder of the Australian Housing Initiative, he has the opportunity, and often, personal invitation to talk to differing levels of Government for advice on appropriate, intelligent and efficient use of space.   Read More.


Susan Farquhar

One of the country’s leading investment property experts, Susan Farquhar built Calla Property on a proven research methodology that achieves consistent capital growth for her clients.  ‘Calla Insights’ is a detailed and holistic approach to building an investment portfolio and has been developed by Susan after many years of buying and selling property for herself and her clients.  Read More.


Doron Peleg

Doron PelegDoron Peleg is the CEO/Founder of RiskWise Property Review. Doron has more than 20 years’ experience in risk management including, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ‘PELEG, KESSEL & CO‘, an assurance and advisory accounting firm in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Executive Manager at Westpac Banking Corporation in Sydney.

Read More.



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