Paul Gabrail

Paul Gabrail is a premier real estate investment professional with an immense background in multi-family unit acquisition, rehabilitation, and management. Since 1997, Paul has identified and acquired underperforming assets that have outperformed competing transactions. In 2005, eighteen months after graduating from college, Paul founded what has now become the Gabrail Family Office, as well as the primary holding company of the family office, The Crossroads Group LLC. Crossroads Group’s main holdings are in multi-family properties, with the first purchase occurring in 2005 in Toledo, Ohio for a few units, ultimately increasing to roughly 1,000 units today. In 2009, after the market collapse and the mortgage crisis, Paul captured the opportunity and continued to acquire properties at a fast pace at purchase prices well below the actual values of the properties. In recent years, Paul has begun to diversify the family’s holdings in various industries, including those that are ancillary to the multi-family business. Today, the Gabrail Family Office and Crossroads Group are diversified holdings of real estate and business ventures that own and operate over fifteen small and large businesses. One such business is Select Investment Group LLC (“SIG”), the investment arm of the Gabrail Family Office. SIG raises capital through accredited investors to purchase multi-family projects in submarket cities, primarily in the Midwest. Under Paul’s leadership, the family office has grown its assets five-fold in twelve years. The family’s portfolio is set to expand its 1,000-unit holdings throughout the Midwest using more direct investment, joint ventures with other family offices, and real estate funds for accredited investors to partake in.