Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists: Ian Ugarte

Ian Ugarte is a property expert and change maker, successfully using Nationwide Policies to work on affordable housing outcomes in Australia.

In his capacity as founder of the Australian Housing Initiative, he has the opportunity, and often, personal invitation to talk to differing levels of Government for advice on appropriate, intelligent and efficient use of space.  This gives him the leverage to help decrease housing costs and reduce mounting government pressure.

Ian is passionate about creating co-operative partnerships between Social Agencies, the Government and Private Investors to achieve sustainable and practical solutions for affordable housing, looking at the ‘Big-Picture’ and creating ‘win-wins’ for all involved.

As a qualified Builder, Plumber, Educator, Private Mentor and Coach, Ian uses his vast experience to turn traditional approaches towards housing provision on their head.  Recognised as Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming and boarding house specialist, Ian is intent on bringing back genuine community connection through elegant housing diversification.

Over the past 7 years, his audiences of more than 105,00 people have ranged from elite executives to attendees at homelessness conferences.  His entrepreneurial perspective and engaging ability, challenge existing mind sets giving a fresh context for people’s ability to develop their skill-sets and seek avenues that simultaneously help themselves and others

Ian is sought by all levels of media, including  ABC Radio Tasmania, Deborah Hutton on her Lifestyle program, VIRGIN Airlines, VOYEUR magazine, and as a regular on SKY News and several prominent podcasts, to discuss the issues surrounding the affordable housing crisis and alternative solutions.

In addition, he has authored,  “Small is the New Big” – a very personal account of a journey to Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness, laying out their correlation and the effect each component has in creating success.

Recognised for his contributions, Ian was awarded as winner in the prestigious top 50 Small Business leaders in Australia 2018.

Visit Ian at

Nominee’s three achievements

Creating a National Education System teaching investors how to achieve double digit returns from property and personally leaving paid employment after 13 months from using those systems.
Founded the Australian Housing Initiative to increase the supply of affordable housing without the need for government grants.
Created a property development business based on social enterprise that is bringing back genuine community connection through elegant housing diversification.


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