Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists: John Pidgeon

John Pidgeon is Solvere’s Director and Head Property and Finance Educator.  He has been coaching and teaching people in sport, education, business and property for 20 years and seriously investing in property for 17 years.
He has a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of Financial Planning and is a qualified Mortgage Broker.  He coaches clients everyday to understand complex property deals in great depth, and to break down the deal with clarity for the most successful outcome. 
Finding the right type of property investment coach is the first step towards greater success in property investment.  It’s like finding the right personal trainer or any type of specialist to help you in any area of your life.  It comes down to experience in the field and how they specifically help you…and your gut feel.
The type of step-by-step coaching John offers can be the difference between attaining life-changing profits for his clients or falling flat on their faces.  Ultimately, his role is seeing what the property world can do to enhance someone’s wealth and being able to educate people from all walks of life.
It’s coaching clients through what he has learnt and being immersed in the industry every day that he truly appreciates.  And without a doubt, working with clients to form long-term relationships and being able to make a difference to their futures is the most rewarding part of his business.
John’s passion for property, capacity to understand, down to earth attitude and sincerity alongside his fierce drive and inspirational effect has helped hundreds of clients work hard towards achieving their goals in life.
John is offering all readers a free 60 minute session to help kick-start them into gear – visit the website to book your spot today and realise your full potential.

Nominee’s three achievements

John’s top achievements as property investor and property coach who practices what he preaches are;

* A Net profit of $340K on a duplex development
* A Net profit of $180K in 11 months on a multi-purchase and a total property portfolio valued at over $3 million
* Being a property coach and personally helping over 200 clients to individually shape their finances and wealth over the past 5 years.

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