Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists: Nathan Lewes

Nathan Lewes has been working in various aspects of the Australian property industry for more than 12 years. He has worked in a range of roles from local residential real estate to high-end property marketing, and in offices across Australia from Sydney to Perth. Nathan has gained a unique insight into the industry during his career, working alongside financial advisers, mortgage brokers and other real estate agents. He co-founded AssetBase in 2017 to work on his passion – negotiating great deals for buyers looking to get into the property investment market. With close ties to the Australian Defence Force and NSW Police Force, Nathan has assisted many of his clients in these sectors build wealth through property while navigating their busy work schedules.

Nominee’s three achievements

1. Within two months of starting with the financial planning firm, Nathan was promoted to a property advisor and handed the responsibility of property sales in both the Sydney and Perth offices. This meant he managed relationships in Sydney, while spending time on the other side of the country too. This is a testament to his relationship building and the trust his clients have him in.
2. Nathan is proud to have built AssetBase, a boutique investment property firm with business partner, Joshua Boctorani, all by the time he turned 30!
3. He’s built a multi million dollar personal property portfolio to prove that he doesn’t just talk the talk, he also walks the walk and believes that property is the best way to acquire wealth.


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