Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists: Susan Farquhar

One of the country’s leading investment property experts, Susan Farquhar built Calla Property on a proven research methodology that achieves consistent capital growth for her clients.

‘Calla Insights’ is a detailed and holistic approach to building an investment portfolio and has been developed by Susan after many years of buying and selling property for herself and her clients.

Backed by her MBA studies with mortgage and financial planning components, Susan is in a unique position to understand how individuals feel about money and debt and will empower them to make better finance choices. 

Nominee’s three achievements

1. Susan Farquhar created the award-winning, industry-leading research methodology, Calla Property Insights, which is free of charge for clients and generates proven results.

2. Susan is regularly approached for media opportunities and is a regular guest at national property expos and on industry panels. Susan was recently awarded with the “Excellence in Innovation” by the Inner West Sydney Chamber of Commerce and is now a finalist in the NSW state awards in November.

3. Susan Farquhar has partnered Calla Property with the Children’s Education Foundation, a non-profit organisation working to break the poverty cycle for young girls in Vietnam. They contribute donations to provide holistic support in education, training and building supportive communities.

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