Page One Female Property Specialist: Leonie Fitzgerald

Leonie was 18 when her dad helped her purchase an investment property with some friends. This was the start of her love for property investing and she continued building her portfolio in London where she lived for 10 years, working in the finance industry.

In 2009 she returned home and started her career in the property investment industry. After working with two national property companies and flying all over Australia helping people she was named Sales Person of the Year but also Most Valued Person of the Year.

Leonie founded Wealthology Australia in 2016 and she has been helping others learn the skills to get ahead in life, in a supportive and safe environment where she guides her clients along the journey of wealth creation.

A finalist in the Women in Business Awards of Australia Leonie is an exceptional strategist and talented speaker, often weaving her incredibly inspirational life story into her passionate and unique client advisory services. She helps you shift your mindset so you can build the wealth you’re looking for as well as provides practical paths to get you there. She is also able to walk the fine line between showing patience and understanding whilst also being a great motivator.

After 4 miscarriages and at the peak of covid Leonie gave birth to triplet girls after a seizure, ending up in a coma for a short time. She was 33 weeks pregnant and had to have an emergency delivery resulting in the girls spending 5 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They are all now happy and healthy and this has been a driver for her desire and determination to help others pursue wealth and create an amazing lifestyle for themselves.

Leonie maintains a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a number of areas from property and wealth management to life coaching and motivational speaking. Furthermore, she continually develops her professional knowledge and skills and is ever at the forefront of new innovation, methods and best practice.

Leonie takes all that is good about wealth creation and has built a business on firm ethics and values. She is a force in this world and does this with heart and integrity.



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