Page One Person: Alex Gibbs – Co-Founder of Built Asset Management

At the age of 33, Alex has successfully built one of the largest and fastest-growing co-living operators in London, currently renting over 1,000 rooms across the capital; operating over £250m of London real estate.

Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit had always run strong, and despite having achieved success as a Director of a Global Professional Services company at the tender age of 25, the pull of launching his own business was too great to resist. Keen to try his hand in several sectors that interested him, Alex was investing in rental properties in the Midlands when he bumped into old schoolfriend and current BAM co-founder Jordi, using the revenue generated to fund a travel website selling tours to Sri Lanka. Two tours had been sold when Alex and Jordi reconnected at traffic lights by chance in London. Both perturbed by the lack of decent, high-end accommodation for young professionals in London having recently made the move to the capital, Alex saw a gap in the market for a co-living operator that not only afforded this to renters, but offered landlords and developers the peace of mind of a guaranteed rental income; BAM was thus born.

The definition of a bootstrapped start-up, Alex and Jordi took launching BAM step-by-step, finding their first property, securing it via a lease and working round the clock scrubbing floors and moving furniture to create the high-end, aspirational property they wanted for their co-living operation. From there, the business flew, set to turnover close to £10m this year.

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