Page One Person: Alexandra Morris, Managing Director of MakeUrMove

Alexandra Morris is the managing director of national proptech company, MakeUrMove, and is responsible for driving the business forward through creating innovative solutions using technology.

Alexandra has always had a business and enterprise-focused mind, and grew up in a family business where her mother was a serial entrepreneur.

Having previously worked in banking and conveyancing, Alexandra entered the property sector in 2008, joining MakeUrMove as the first employee, initially as Customer Service Advisor, before progressing to Operations Director and finally, Managing Director in 2017.

When Alexandra first started in the property industry, she was astonished at the inefficiency of the services in the industry, with outdated and slow software that was clunky and built for the agent, and didn’t have any consideration for the end users.

As managing director, it became Alexandra’s mission to improve the way MakeUrMove does things using technology without compromising on quality customer service. Alexandra recognised that the world of property can be complex and confusing, and wanted to change this by building a smarter, fairer and better property market that puts the power back in the hands of the people.

With research suggesting landlords are considering leaving the market due to legislation and increased regulation in the sector, Alexandra transformed the MakeUrMove platform to put the landlord back in control, helping them to become more efficient in managing their properties, maximising their portfolio income, as well as reducing the time spent on admin and saving them costs.

Having worked in the property industry for over a decade, Alexandra’s vision, desire and dedication has led to the success of the business to date and has firmly set MakeUrMove’s future to strive for exceptional growth and development. Her colleagues also find Alexandra’s leadership style very supportive, unselfish and inclusive, and she is passionate about customer-focused solutions.

In February 2020, Alexandra was announced as the Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in recognition of her work at MakeUrMove and the wider industry.

As well as her dedicated focus to technology innovation in the property sector, Alexandra is also undertaking a Law degree with the Open University, and mentors students and small businesses.

Alexandra has ambitions for MakeUrMove to become a household name as the industry’s leading technology platform for landlords and tenants.



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