Page One Person: Kirk Simpson

Kirk Simpson was born in Melbourne but lived in South Australia and QLD for many years and in his teenage years was mentored by his uncle who was a financial planner and property developer and his mother who is an exceptional tax accountant.

Even during his formative school year’s he was interested in investing and retired financially at the age of 26, replacing his yearly income through investment property and developments.

For a few years Kirk honed his skills through looking after the families portfolio both in Australia and abroad and went on to start the Lucra group of companies where he is passionate about helping property investors build their portfolio.

Kirk oversees both companies which deal in property development, residential property investment, sales , upgrades in renovations and all the way through to commercial builds like room share accommodation housing and large scale projects  and has seen just about every market trend  which is successful in property today.

During the height of the COVID  pandemic Kirk and his team developed and  successfully sold a 16 Double  Storey Townhouse project  in the growth suburb of Tarneit set in Melbourne’s western suburbs when many developers we’re going broke and he attributes his success to being exposed to all sorts of property investing through Lucra and the team that surrounds him which has taken over a decade to pull together.

Kirk’s next milestone is to continue to grow Lucra to be a one stop property shop for any property investment need’s and to take property management to the next level by funding develop to rent projects in Melbourne and  Queensland that Lucra will own and control.

Having success in property has come at a price of working six days a week over the last two decades but the achievements that Kirk has reached at such a young age is undeniable and he is so passionate about property investing that he explains that the old adage of doing what you love every day is simply to enjoyable to stop.

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