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Peta Stewart Certified Practicing Conveyancer is an all-female business that was founded in 2009 during the economic crisis, and has strong views on relationship building skills for business success.

Founder and CEO Peter Stewart has a passion to change the public perception of the conveyancing industry, which organically moved her into keynote speaking and mentoring other conveyancing businesses.

As well as empowering business owners, Peta has a mission to empower her clients with knowledge.

Peta is a pioneer in the industry, becoming a ‘property conveyance mentor’ who revolutionised the conveyancing process for customers by making it not ‘just another transaction’ where the work was done for the client.

Instead, the legal jargon, walls, and mystery have come down, with open communication the key to enabling clients to feel part of the process.

Peta Stewart Certified Practicing Conveyancer is known as an employer of choice both in their region and in the industry for their attention to staff wellbeing and promotion of knowledge sharing, which in turn has the staff so invested in the vision of the business that that passion flows to the excellent work they do for their clients

The business was one of the first in Australia to embrace e-conveyancing, educating clients on the benefits and security of completing their property transaction online. This led to a world-class personalised app for clients, and a seamless experience for everyone when companies had to work remotely as Coronavirus bit in March 2020.

When Covid hit, the disaster put an even bigger gap between Peta and her competitors as the whole business had been so invested in technology and in-tune with evolving customer expectations – they shone, receiving glowing 5-star reviews on social media.

In fact, the business was so busy that while other companies around them were downsizing or closing, Peta had to expand and hire more staff.

Away from the office, Peta is involved deeply in her community, supporting other local businesses, and making the most of her country location by exploring the roads and tracks through her love of cycling.

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