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Sara Zanotta, 33 y.o., Founder & Managing Director of Lakeside Real Estate, is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in Lake Como (Italy) property market.

In October 2019 Lakeside was awarded as Best Real Estate Single Office of Italy at the European Property Awards in London.

With more than 10 years in the Lake Como residential and commercial market, Sara with Lakeside are today the most and best reviewed real estate agency of the area on Google Reviews.

With half of her clients who invest in Lake Como coming from the UK, Sara’s commentaries on the market have been featured on all the most well-known British media.

In 2013, at the age of 26, Sara decided to translate her genuine love for Lake Como, Italy – her native land – into a job: in 7 years she has set up a sound property business with an all-women team, and 3 offices – two of them located in the most well-known resort towns of Lake Como, Menaggio and Argegno, both crucial melting pots of international buyers coming from all over the world.

Sara has been able to create an enviable network of both clients and global contacts in the international real estate world, with strategic partnerships in California, London, and Sweden.

The link with the local community is also very important to Sara, who also sustains local culture, supporting local music festivals.

Before 2013 Sara had the chance to work into the real estate market, and she fell in love with the field. With her few savings after University, sitting in her tiny bedroom, she set up the basics of Lakeside: a logo, a website, and – most importantly – a new different vision. “I like to say that as realtors we have to do far more than just selling properties. We have a duty: to get clients know our place properly, to feel the real local vibe. Only this can help them truly understand the value of our place and the soul of each property we have for sale. In the end, a realtor is a defender of Beauty”, she says.

Sara has been able to position her agency differently in the local scenario.

Together with her talented team, she worked on a marketing strategy built on creating emotional connections with locations and properties.

“We are able to make international clients love Lake Como as if they were locals. We connect people to the homes and to the community.”

When it comes to investing in this high-end property market, Sara Zanotta is expert at combining luxury living with the quintessential Italian lifestyle.


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