Page One Female Property Specialist: Daisy Ashworth

Ideas. Passion. People and Housing.

Daisy Ashworth left the United Kingdom in 2012 having worked in the housing and welfare space in local government. Following a degree in law and a specialism in commercial leases and property law Daisy moved to Australia to work in the not for profit sector.

Daisy began working in the housing and homelessness space in Perth Western Australia, and it was here her passion for real estate and property began to develop into the innovation and proptech space.

Through her work in the unaffordable housing space, Daisy began to identify a growing gap in the housing market, noting many individuals were finding themselves without a long term place to call home.

Daisy saw that many individuals were being priced out of the housing market due to expensive rental properties, limited deposits and lower incomes, with limited options on how to enter the property market effectively when navigating the rental market.

It was because of her experience in housing, and her understanding that this lack of affordable home ownership has long term impacts on people, that she decided to do something about it. Using the ‘stranger’ economy to establish affordable housing, she developed the idea of connecting individuals together to enable them to co-own a home.

Mortgage Mates is the first co-ownership platform in Australia, matching two or more Mates to own a home together.

We open up the property market to those who would otherwise be priced out of ownership, by pooling resources and halving the cost of the upfront and ongoing repayments of owning a home. Mortgage Mates can match users based on housing needs including location, cost, property use, property type, and houseMate preferences such as whether they want to co-live or co-invest.

Through the use of co-ownership agreements and other legal contracts, our platform allows individuals to choose the security of shared ownership in a safe and secure way.

By matching with Mates people can afford to purchase a home to live inland to build on or an investment property to invest in, with less financial risks and increased legal protection.

Daisy is one of a growing number of women in the proptech space who are leading innovation in real estate and assist more people in Australia, to own a home.




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