Page One Person: Anna Clare Harper of Anglo Residential

Anna Clare Harper is a Property Investment Strategist and CoFounder of Anglo Residential, a UK residential fund that has secured seed funding to build a £100m+ portfolio of high yielding housing. Anna’s specialism is designing and refining UK residential property strategies. She works with a small number of private clients looking to build a long term residential portfolio and grow wealth in this complex market. She hosts one of the highest-rated podcasts in the UK ‘property investment’ space on iTunes.

Her upcoming book will share what she has learned across many millions of pounds worth of deals and strategies, in 10+ years focused on the property industry: through her own investment and development business, as a professional consultant in Strategy and Private Equity at Deloitte, through RICS-accredited academic study of the market at Cambridge, and through discussions with industry experts for her podcast.

For many investors, UK property remains one of the most attractive asset classes available. But the market has changed. Investors of all scales are facing the prospect of no, low or negative real returns, uncertainty about the future, and the difficulty of accessing opportunities that suit their needs, resources and the market context. As a result, many find themselves missing out, or even losing out – wasting time, money and effort.

To succeed in this fast-changing, uncertain context, investors need to be more strategic, value-focused, and professional in their approach. Anna’s specialism is developing UK residential property strategies that enable investors with access to funding, but limited sector experience, capacity or time, to more confidently navigate this complex market. Ultimately, the right strategy is the tool investors need, to allocate time, money and effort more effectively, so they can build a UK residential property portfolio, grow wealth and leave a lasting legacy, in any market.

Anna believes that the  best approaches to investing are based on sound strategies, and resolve real problems to deliver sustainable returns, and leave a lasting positive legacy. Beyond profit, her vision is to use investing to help 1 million people in line with the UN sustainable development goal of Reduced Inequalities, including through investing profitably whilst delivering quality, affordable housing to the people and places that need it, to resolve the UK’s housing crisis.

Anna welcomes opportunities to continue to develop and share her ideas through media opportunities. Recent experience includes:

  • Hosting some of the top podcasts in the ‘property investment’ space on iTunes
  • Writing regular articles for leading industry publications in the small and medium sized residential investment sector
  • Giving 50+ talks at prestigious events including the Excel Centre’s Property Investor Show, and the UK’s largest regular property meet
  • Through social media, where her LinkedIn and Instagram posts typically reach 5,000-12,000

She delivers honest, engaging and insightful commentary on a topic that captures the interest of so many, in a nation that shares a passion for property.

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