The Most Common Tenant Complaints and How to Address Them

The key to stress-free property management is preparation. Keeping a tenant happy will also keep a property manager or landlord happy. Tenant complaints can come in many forms and at any time of the week, and it’s important to navigate these situations with care. It’s your responsibility as property manager to see to tenant complaints, but handling them with efficiency will give you that valuable edge.


It’s your responsibility to keep a property in functioning order, but even the most well-maintained property can still encounter problems. Encourage tenants to report repairs and requests for maintenance as soon as possible. You should also have ready a list of preferred contractors who can see to these repairs in a timely fashion. When scheduling repairs and maintenance, always communicate openly with the tenant so that their own schedule and privacy are respected. Remember to follow up with your tenant once the job is done to ensure they’re satisfied and so that you can fix a problem before they issue another complaint.


Noise complaints can stem from a number of things. If you own an apartment, you’re more likely to get noise complaints from your tenants about neighbours and off-the-street racket. Other offenders are parties, nearby buildings, pets and children. Some of these you may have no jurisdiction over, such as the ongoing construction nearby. However, you can solve the issue before it even arises by soundproofing the property with carpeting, insulation and even shrubbery. In the instance of offensive noise coming from a neighbour, you’ll want to encourage your tenant to try to amicably resolve the issue themselves with the neighbour.


Tenants will complain about strong odours, like a neighbour’s cooking or their constant cigarette smoke. Under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998, smoking in enclosed areas of common area of common property is prohibited by law. Undesirable odours can also be managed with proper ventilation.


One of the more serious issues you’ll encounter is the extermination and prevention of pests on the property. Providing functional but also clean and habitable property is also a property manager’s responsibility. The invasion of pests can not only lead to extensive damage, but, can spread and become a major issue, such as in the case of termites. Avoid unnecessary long-term costs by seeing to the infestation immediately. Don’t wait for the tenant to call you in a panic. You’ll want to add pest treatment  to your annual to-do list for every property.


In the case of an apartment complex or building, disputes can arise when a tenant or their neighbour park in the wrong bay or when visitors overstay their welcome. Tenants will also find frustration in limited allocated parking or street parking only. This is understandable if you’ve ever tried hauling groceries from the street to your front door and to find your vehicle is about get towed. Get ahead of this by informing your tenant of the availability or limits of the forms of parking for the property.

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