Successful Australian Women Property Specialists: Natalie Stevens of Build in Oz

In our special Movers and Shakers series The Property Investor is proud to showcase successful Australian women property specialists. The individual women selected are outstanding property professionals who have either mentored others, changed the industry for the better through their indvidual effort or innovated and introduced a new property-related product offering that has brought real value to customers lives or businesses.

Natalie Stevens

Two time international best selling author Natalie Stevens combines her lifetime of exposure to the home building industry with her visionary creative planning skills to deliver Build In Oz.  Build In Oz is a membership-based platform that guides families on how to build a home that will give them more lifestyle for less. Based on her best selling book Building Home – The 5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle, her online course delivers her revolutionary 5 step process for planning to build a new home in Australia today.  It’s been designed to take away the fear, confusion and frustration that can often go hand in hand with choosing to build.  Her course gives families the guarantee of saving time, money, hassle and stress.

As Natalie says, ‘Building a home doesn’t take a dream, it takes a plan… and this is the plan you need to live the dream’.  Natalie and her team operate on a very simple yet profound philosophy that ‘The happiest of families aren’t the ones who have the best of everything, but they are the ones who make the best of everything they have’.  Build In Oz supports this philosophy by showing families how to spend their budget on the areas of their home that will bring them the most happiness regardless of whether their budget is big or small.

Her game changing planning process is also helping Australian property investors take advantage of the financial benefits of building new and helping them create an investment that will deliver them the best returns.

Away from work and on top of raising four very busy kids Natalie is a proud mumpreneur and was a founding director of the Leila Rose Foundation, an Australia wide charity that assists families of a child diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. She is also a lifetime member of B1G1, a global giving business movement where she has co-authored the international best-selling book ‘Better Business, Better Life, Better World –The Movement’. Natalie is warm and down to earth with an energetic passion for life and sees Build In Oz as her meaningful contribution to the world.

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