Australia: Sam Elbanna – ‘Jacinta’ Development to curb Inner West apartment shortage

With an obvious housing shortage across Sydney, demand continues to outstrip supply, keeping buyers and tenants facing many difficulties when trying to secure suitable properties. This is as true for the Inner West as it is for most areas across metropolitan Sydney.

Set to meet the needs of many locals in the area, the latest ‘Jacinta’ development complex is located in Burwood on Railway Parade. In easy reach of shopping centres, schools, hospitals and other facilities, the development is just a short stroll from both Burwood and Strathfield station. Being only 12km from the CBD, it makes for a quick and easy commute to work and many high calibre universities.

Sam Elbanna, Managing Director of CPM Realty, said, “Often when new apartments become available, they don’t take the needs of the local community into consideration. ‘Jacinta’ has a great location, it is well set out and is sure to meet the needs of the relatively young and fast-growing community found here.”

Behind the eclectic, linear facade is renowned architectural firm Design Cubicle, who designed the building to not only blend in to the area but to add to the local urban landscape.

Prices are set to start from $599,000 for one bedroom, $899,000 for two bedrooms, and $1.1 million for its three bedroom apartments. With some stunning views on offer, especially from the upper levels, ‘Jacinta’ is guaranteed to be a great option for buyers on the hunt for their dream property.

The median apartment price in Burwood is currently sitting in the low $800,000’s and almost 2,000 properties were sold in the last year alone, clearly showing that the demand is high. To top it off, the area holds a nice charm and strong appeal to a mixed populous of people, young and old alike.

“While we are still far from seeing supply meeting demand, it is great to see a sprinkling of new apartments around the area coming up like ‘Jacinta’ and, being this close to the CBD, it is making them a sought after commodity, “Sam Elbanna said.

“With Burwood being such a convenient location with a plethora of amenities, and conveniences we expect our buyers to be a mix of locals who already know the area as well as people from other suburbs who are attracted to the wonderful shopping, dining and entertainment options.”

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