Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists 2019: Michael Tiemens of H.CO

Michael Tiemens’ love of property began at any early age. Determined to carve his own path, he parlayed small real estate steps into increasingly larger projects and by age 27 was among the country’s top 1% of property investors.


Using his knowledge and achievements to inspire industry peers, Michael became a much sought-after mentor and motivational speaker, then established Peak Property Group to help property owners realise their property development objectives and unlock the value of their homes. Michael understands that the more wealth that can be created at an individual level, the greater the impact that these individuals can have within their own families, in their communities, in their charities, and to the overall benefit of humanity.


Michael has featured several times in some of Australia’s largest property publications as a featured story of what is possible today in the marketplace, even if you’re young and inexperienced. After his own share of challenges, struggles and success, Michael has substantial experience with which he coaches and helps others with patience and passion.


Further to this, Michael Co-Founded H.CO, a unique property development company that specialises in mixed use and commercial developments along the City fringe of Melbourne. H.CO is the property arm for the Harris Family, whose origins trace back to the founding of Flight Centre.


Creative, passionate, and a genuine thought leader, Michael is the best person to lead the team and deliver on the aspirations and goals of H.CO.

Nominees three achievements


  1. Michael established Peak Property Group at the end of 2016, which is a boutique development company that specialises on co-development projects along the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne. Co-development is a proven approach to property partnership, whereby the land owner contributes the property, and Peak takes care of everything else, including the financial investment and management of the project.
  2. Michael also started H.CO with its Co-Founder, Brad Harris, which is a premium developer based in Melbourne, that focuses on creating mixed use spaces that foster a strong sense of community.
    The concept of belonging is central to H.CO’s development philosophy and expressed at every opportunity in each project we undertake.
  3. Having completed his own developments for 8 years, Michael then became a property coach and mentor with the I Love Real Estate Community. Michael has been a speaker at over 120 live events over the past four years and he has personally coached over 200 people one-on-one helping them to get into their own small-scale developments, subdivisions, renovations & construction projects.
    Michael loves to be able to give back to the community that helped him on his way and allows individuals to get out there and reap the benefits that can be found through property developments.



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