Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists 2019: Tanja M Jones of TMJ Coaching

Tanja is a multi-award winning leadership and mindset specialist who dedicates her time and energy to empowering real estate leaders, teams and property professionals, both nationally and internationally to grow themselves and their business in the least amount of time.


Recently the winner of the Real Estate Business (REB) Women in Real Estate INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER OF THE YEAR 2019 and WELLNESS ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR 2019 Tanja is also a finalist for REB INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER OF THE YEAR 2019 and MENTOR OF THE YEAR 2019, winners to be announced September 12th, 2019.


After having less than impressive experiences with real estate agents, back in November 2014, whilst looking to sell her family home, Tanja decided to niche her peak performance coaching business into the real estate industry, with the aim to elevate the rapport building skills of agents and the leadership within national brands.
Within two months of starting her business Tanja began facilitating training programs and workshops for hundreds of professional and leading brands across the country.


This was largely due to completing a first of its kind international research project called The Real eSTATE of Leadership, in partnership with Kylie Davis and Core Logic. A 44 page full report of findings and a four page executive summary can be downloaded from her website


The insights from this revealing project are quite alarming and is influencing many of the national real estate institutes training programs around the country. It has also become a key point of interest for many key leaders of influence globally.


Tanja’s research found that 76% of real estate businesses in Australia and New Zealand were either making marginal growth (less than 10%), flat lining or declining in their annual performance. This revealed, at the time of the research, that only 24% of real estate businesses were actually making any money. This figure is less now. Tanja discovered that the differentiator between the two statistics was fundamentally, leadership.


The insights of the project inspired Tanja to create and launch INSPIRING GREATNESS – a two-day empowered leadership summit that is reverse engineered to address the massive leadership gaps within the industry.
Tanja launched this sold out training in 2018 in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide with her strategic partners which include, Core Logic, REB, Agentbox, Realm, REINSW, REISA and many more.


Well known franchises are now engaging Tanja to facilitate the 2-day training as part of their leadership curriculum for existing and emerging leaders. Tanja does this because she is passionate about supporting real estate business leaders to achieve their desired business goals are many principals are not realising their potential, are closing down or living highly stressful lives, some seeking substance abuse and other, sadly are suicidal. She wants to change this reality as swiftly as possible.


Tanja consistently travels nationally and internationally speaking at industry events, facilitating training programs, workshops and coaching her leading one on one clients. Many of her clients are multi award winning operators and a few are recognised in the Top 5 of real estate leaders and agents in the country, according to the REB Top 100. One of her private clients was recently recognised as THE MOST INFLUENTIAL FEMALE IN PROPERTY for 2018.


Tanja is a regular contributor to industry publications and the producer- presenter of MINDSET MASTERY MONDAY and RAPID FIRE FRIDAY, free weekly peak performance coaching LIVE videos on Facebook and Instagram, dedicated to elevating the state of real estate professionals.


In 2016 Tanja also founded REAL WOMEN IN REAL ESTATE – a platform for women in real estate and property to come together through interactive events with the aim to connect, communicate and contribute to one another. It was also designed to raise the profile of women in a male dominated industry, showcase women in leadership positions and groom women to speak at industry events. This initiative now sees hundreds of women globally coming together for regular events, mentoring programs and international study groups.


Obsessed with learning about the fulfilment of human potential, Tanja is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and teaches her clients how to rise resilient in a world of rejection.


Tanja brings over 29 years’ experience having worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands across the corporate, private, retail and government sectors, growing $80 million dollar businesses through the leadership of up to 400 people.


A mother of two teenage daughters, Tanja resides on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
She sees herself as a perfectly. imperfect, consistent work in progress in service of the fulfilment of human potential and is committed to transform the way consumers experience the sale, purchase, management and leasing of their biggest asset.

Nominees three achievements


1. Going from ‘average consumer’ to ‘industry influencer’ within 4 years whilst working in an industry she had no previous experience in REB INDUSTRY AWARDS
– WELLNESS ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR 2019 (Women in Real Estate)
– INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER OF THE YEAR 2019 (Finalist – winners to be announced September 12th, 2019)
– MENTOR OF THE YEAR 2019 (Finalist – winners to be announced September 12th, 2019)


2. Producing a first of its kind, ground-breaking international research project in partnership with Core Logic, creating a 44 page report and 4 page executive summary on the state of real estate leadership in Australia and New Zealand. The insights of this document are being used in both countries to influence training programs provided by real estate institutes and leading brands. Creating INSPIRING GREATNESS – 2 Day Empowered Leadership Summit that provides the key training, tools and accountability for real estate leaders nationally and internationally. All events were a sell out and received a 10/10 ‘exceeded expectations’ rating at every event. This training is now being adopted ‘in house’ by leading brands and is seeing business owners achieve great results in business and profit growth. One leader grew their business by 90% in just four weeks from applying Tanja’s training insights. There are plenty of stories like this. This can be viewed at


3. Helping thousands of real estate leaders and team’s breakthrough their limiting beliefs and improving the quality of their leadership and life. This includes helping businesses achieve significant revenue and gross profit growth in minimal time and in challenging markets, supporting suicidal agents and shifting negatives states of thinking weekly in her one on one coaching programs.


TMJ Coaching

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