The UK’s Top Ten Property Specialists 2019: Del Huse of Sourcing Investments

Del is Chief Operating Officer at Sourcing Investments Ltd, having joined the team and becoming co-owner in early 2018. Del brought a wealth of business experience to the team – a qualified Chartered Accountant, Del spent the majority of his career in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, and private equity. Del trained at Arthur Andersen before moving to co-found the M&A team at Kroll (now Alix Partners), later working in private equity funds at Endless LLP and Oakley Capital Private Equity. Most recently Del has run his own investment and advisory business, Roycian Limited. Having spent his career advising and investing into SME businesses in the UK and Europe, and with extensive Board-level experience, Del propels the ongoing success of Sourcing Investments.

Sourcing Investments began with a two-part mission…


To deliver the opportunity for property investment returns which most investors would find hard to replicate themselves, and to make the process of executing investments easier, more efficient, quicker and more secure. In short, to be THE marketplace for property investors.

For both investors and property investment sourcing agents, the problem has always been finding each other! Investors need credible, trustworthy sourcing agents to source properties. Agents need serious investors who are ready, capable and competent to invest.


Del comments…
“My passion at work centres largely around doing great things with great people – I have been lucky enough to work in some brilliant teams, and that’s what really gives me a buzz for it and gets me out of bed in the morning!”


When he is not working on making Sourcing Investments be the best it can be, he is playing with the kids, eating cheese or paying for his cheese calories by doing something highly energetic involving swimming, running or cycling!


Nominees three achievements


– Opened and led the London office of Endless LLP Private Equity in 2007. Acquired Dutch internet business EMESA in 2011 for Euro35m and sold it less than two years later for Euro95m, generating an IRR of over 100% on capital invested

– Driving the team at Sourcing Investments to help many dozens of investors fulfil their property investment ambitions, delivering returns that far exceed UK averages. By February 2019, investors had made a total of 342 property investments, representing in excess of £35M in total investments. Sourcing Investments deals are more likely to move from an offer through to a sale. This saves subscribers substantial time, money and frustration. They have set out to deliver to investors returns that they would struggle to source themselves – At October 2018, on the properties that had been completed on the platform to date, the average projected gross yield on those properties was over 14%.

– GBR age group representative triathlete!


Sourcing Investments

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