Top Ten Property Leaders: Jo Natoli

Jo Natoli is the Founder and Principal of The Rental Specialists. Based in Sydney, she specialises is creating an easy, hands-off property ownership experience for landlords and property investors using her tried and tested P.E.R.F.O.R.M. active management framework.
The Rental Specialists provides exceptional end-to-end property management and investment solutions for business-savvy landlords and investors.

We look after your assets, tenants and future investments just like we look after our own.

We care more and think further, ensuring you’ll get the most value from your rental properties over the long term.

We are with you all the way.

Nominee’s three achievements

Over the last 6 months Jo has been leasing rental properties across the Sydney metropolitan area almost exclusively using only video walkthrough tours and interactive virtual tours. This is ground-breaking innovation that other property managers simply are not using. Combining this innovative marketing with her 3 P’s of leasing philosophy, on average she’s been leasing properties 4 times faster than her competitors, and achieving excellent rental returns for her clients.


The Rental Specialists

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