Say hello to TPI’s new thought leader, Nathan Birch

Nathan Birch may be inappropriate and a little bit bogan, but, he’s always bold, honest, and sincere! If you walked past him in the street, you probably wouldn’t know you were walking past one of Australia’s top young property investors.

Nathan wasn’t able to retire from the rat race at age 24 due to a fancy degree, silver spoon or pure luck – it was all down to smart property investment. Even as a teenager, he spent his time thinking about ways to make it big as a property investor.  After purchasing his first investment at 18, Nathan worked two full-time jobs to push the boundaries and create his own strategy towards financial freedom.  Currently, Nathan has over 200 properties and a property portfolio worth over $50 Million. His portfolio rakes in around $2 million a year, leaving Nathan with over $500,000 passive income after expenses.

He’s known for no holds barred honesty, his popular YouTube videos and his ever-increasing reel of media appearances.  (And maybe his thongs too!) Nathan shares his personal knowledge and experience to help driven investors start, grow,and successfully maintain a profitable property investment portfolio.

Hear from Nathan about the importance of having a clear and defined strategy when creating a high-performing property Investment portfolio at

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