Successful Australian Women Property Specialists: Ashleigh Goodchild

In our special Movers and Shakers series The Property Investor is proud to showcase successful Australian women property specialists. The individual women selected are outstanding property professionals who have either mentored others, changed the industry for the better through their individual effort or innovated and introduced a new property-related product offering that has brought real value to customers lives or businesses.

Ashleigh Goodchild

Director of SOCO REALTY | Founder of PM Collective | Co-Founder Perth Property Management Institute

At 40 years of age, Ashleigh would be considered a veteran of the real estate industry having started when she was 18. She has accomplished a lot in her career. Her passion for property management, people and culture has led her to start her own real estate business at 23, co-found the Perth Property Management Institute and most recently founded PM Collective which is an influential platform for the property management industry to encourage ‘collaboration not competition’ and to improve the industry as a whole so that a career as a property manager is sought after and has a strong healthy reputation.

Using a mix of social events, casual learning workshops, a dedicated podcast and an annual summit, property managers can now have more support with topics such as mental health, confidence on video, mindset, practical social media training and learning how to deal with real life day to day situations. Ashleigh also focuses on the importance of face to face socialising with peers in the industry so that they can learn to work together more and support each other.

The end result being that property managers will become happier in their careers, learn how to better deal with the day to day tasks but most importantly have fun along the way. This in turn will see investors experience a higher standard of property managers that stay in the industry longer.

Soco Realty

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