Successful Australian Women Property Specialists: Elley Hudson

In our special Movers and Shakers series The Property Investor is proud to showcase successful Australian women property specialists. The individual women selected are outstanding property professionals who have either mentored others, changed the industry for the better through their individual effort or innovated and introduced a new property-related product offering that has brought real value to customers lives or businesses.

Elley Hudson

I was born and raised in sunburnt North West Queensland where it was very much a country lifestyle growing up. I enjoyed my time in the outback as a child but as soon as I became a teenager, I was more than ready to move on from the cattle and arid terrain. I wanted to make my way to the big city. I had dreams of becoming a millionaire and I thought the best way to make this come true was by skipping University, breaking into the real estate industry and selling up a storm. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way. I was 17 years old, and I was turned away from a career in real estate sales for being too young. Instead, I found myself in property management, where I worked as an assistant for two years.

One day, an offer to work in the ski fields of Japan landed on my desk. I had never been overseas before, and I jumped at the opportunity. I packed my bags and headed straight for The Land of the Rising Sun, where I spent four magical months of my life. After the Japanese snow season had ended, my seasonal employment was at an end. I decided to make my way to Brisbane and give a career in real estate sales another crack now that I was older.

Amazingly, I managed to get the job. I was so happy. This is what I’d been dreaming about since I was a teenager. However, it wasn’t long until I discovered that my soul was quickly about to be crushed. I didn’t like that the position had such a quick turnaround of relationships, which left me feeling dejected. Plus, I got the job right after the global financial crisis, which put extreme amounts of pressure and stress on me whenever I was at work. Let’s just say it was not a healthy time to be in the real estate industry.

The company I was with saw what I was going through and offered me a new position – to spearhead the brand-new property management side of the business. I put the experience I gained during my time as an assistant to good use and managed to build a rent roll of 160 properties in 18 months with zero marketing budget: an achievement which I’m very proud of. During my time there, I recruited two property managers and trained them both, which kickstarted my passion for fostering the young talent coming through the ranks. Sadly, I had to leave this position behind after an issue with my superannuation and made my way to Townsville, where I developed and managed another property management agency. I eventually got fed up with the way that agency was managed, the fact the staff were not trained properly and how much income owners were losing, so I decided to set my sights on creating North Queensland’s most innovative property management agency. That’s how Excellence Property Management was born.

At Excellence, I make it a priority that young people such as myself can learn property management in a safe environment where they are held accountable to their standard of work but in turn have the support and systems they require. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a millionaire, but the growth and success of my employees is not to fill my pockets. My dream these days is to give honest, accountable, and hard-working people the support they deserve.

Currently, my office is made up of eight staff members and the agency manages 400 properties at this time. Because I founded Excellence Property Management back in late 2017, the agency is now three and a half years old and I’m so proud of the fact that in that time, we’ve gone from zero properties to as high as 403 under management. By employing excellent people, managing excellent properties, working with excellent owners and seeking excellent tenants, my team and I are able to ensure that we get the best return on investment possible and have significantly better KPI’s than the industry average. With an annual turnover of approximately $900,000, we are one of the top performing property management agencies in our local market and my goal going forward is to keep it that way.

Excellence Property Management

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