Top Ten Property Leaders: Marion Mays

Marion Mays (founder and CEO) launched Thalia Stanley Group (named in honour of her parents) in Australia in 2014. The company offers Financial Literacy, Coaching and Mentoring and Wealth Advocacy. She assists clients to achieve their goals of building wealth and financial independence through property investment and other asset classes .
* Her breadth of expertise and experience comes from more than 20 years in executive roles in banking, lending, debt and asset recovery,and real estate.
* Marion holds qualifications in marketing/commerce, financial planning, professional coaching and real estate.
* She has been an avid investor in commercial and residential property for over 20 years.
* Over a professional career in the financial services sector spanning decades, her first-hand experiences in witnessing the extreme challenges some women were faced with, was what ignited Marion’s passion to become a Champion for Women, especially in the areas of financial and housing security. She uses her professional expertise and extensive industry contacts to make pro bono services available to women who need help – regardless of their financial position.
* Subject Matter Expert
Marion is a subject matter expert on Property, Financial Literacy, Financial Abuse and also Systemic Abuse of women.
* She is deeply motivated to see preventive solutions created to address womens needs, especially in the areas of financial security and long term housing security, and to this end she is using her business platform and professional skill set to assist women across Australia in these vitally important areas.
* Marion is a regular contributor to the media on property, investment and financial literacy subjects
* Marion is also a regular public speaker



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