Marion Mays

Marion Mays has spent over 20 years in the Financial Services Sector working across multiple areas of expertise from lending, to debt and asset recovery, as well as directly in property investment.  She holds qualifications in business/marketing, professional coaching, financial planning and real estate.  She has been an avid property investor since 1996 starting her investment journey with a commercial property in Collins Street Melbourne and extending that to a residential property portfolio in both Metropolitan and regional Victoria.

She is the Founder of Thalia Stanley Group named in honour of her parents, her contribution to the property sector is widely recognised in the area of championing women to move beyond the perceived barrier of gender inequality by encouraging them to invest in property.  She uses a progressive dynamic approach and leads by example to inspire women and couples to growth their wealth through property.  Her progressive style engages active coaching and ongoing mentorship to support investors looking to buy in Australia.

Marion Mays has worked in property education for the past 16 years.

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