Nathan Birch

Nathan Birch is young, bold, brash and today one of Australia’s most successful, respected and listened-to property investors. ‘Retiring’ at the ripe old age of 24 to do what he loves – invest in property like no one else – and on his terms.

Success showcased by a portfolio of over 200+ properties, a net worth exceeding $30 million dollars and passive income after expenses north of $2 million.

Buying his first property at eighteen he’s never looked back. A self-made success born to humble, blue-collar working class parents, Nathan grew up in Sydney’s western suburbs. Early years that taught him frugality – there were few luxuries and second-hand cars – but it clearly defined his priorities of hard work and nurtured the courage to go for it all.

He aspired to change the state of his life and that of his family, and has. That determination continues today in his desire to share the process with clients so they can succeed.

Known for putting clients first and a transparent no-nonsense, no-bullshit approach, he’s been featured in dozens of interviews and videos. You’ll find him more often in flip-flops and jeans than a suit, always ready to talk property, share information and give back.

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