New Property Risk Tool Reshapes Industry

RiskWise Property Review, a rapidly growing FinTech company, recently launched their new online property risk tool. Property investors, professionals and residential property lenders can now instantly download a report detailing the financial risks associated with any residential property in Australia.

“This revolutionary tool brings a new approach to assessing the financial risks of individual residential dwellings,” says Doron Peleg, Co-Founder and CEO of RiskWise Property Review. “Our ‘future view’ approach enables all players in the market to see if a property is assessed as a low, medium or high-risk purchase.”

The online tool reviews equity risk, rental return, cash flow and future capital growth and produces risk reports to provide investors, home buyers, property professionals and residential property lenders with deeper insights, enabling them to make smarter decisions.

The risk rating for each property is determined by an algorithm which incorporates dozens of variables from numerous government and private data sources, such as the Reserve Bank, ABS, and CoreLogic.

Users can purchase these reports from the RiskWise website at an affordable price. Each report provides the ‘whole picture’ to support the decision-making process for buying as selling, as well as lending against a specific property.

“Property investors and home buyers want to live the dream but can be ill informed of the associated risks due to the sheer volume of investment articles, and advice from external parties with a vested interest in the sale,” says Doron.

Institutional lenders and loan mortgage insurance companies often fail to accurately assess the future risk of property values falling, as forward looking models do not currently exist (as demonstrated in mining towns such as Gladstone, QLD).

In addition to this tool, due to strong demand, RiskWise also produce custom made reports. These are primarily targeted at property professionals. “We received many requests from property professionals to perform independent assessments to meet their complex business needs,” says Doron.

RiskWise is increasingly attracting interest from across the property industry, having already featured in Domain, the Australian Financial Review, and REA. Doron was also recently recognised as one of Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists by the editor of The Property Investor magazine.

From 2018, RiskWise Property Review is set to expand its product offering to include the property markets in New Zealand, England, and the United States.

To download a report, or for further information, visit

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