Stephanie Brennan

Stephanie Brennan, Australia’s Youngest Property Tycoon

It all started when I earned my first 50 cents of pocket money from my mum. To me, this fifty cents was not just a shiny piece of silver, it was a ‘million dollars’ or at least that’s how it felt holding it in my hand. Later that day I went to the grocery store with my mum to buy a chocolate bar, “why don’t you use your 50 cents” she said to me, I looked at her blankly, then at the chocolate bar and then back at the 50 cents. It was that moment that went on to define me. It was that moment that made me realise that if I could make another 50 cents I would have options.

You often hear successful people talk about finding your “why”, your passion in life, the reasons you get up of a morning, or the career you live to be doing. I didn’t know what my ‘why’ was for a very long time and in an effort to find it I have worked a total of 24 different jobs in my short 25 years of life and I have probably interviewed for 50 or 60 across different industries. Everything from cleaning houses, to taxi driving, to modelling, to engineering, to government, to retirement, to pet cremation and those are just some of the jobs I’ve done, not to mention the ones I’ve interviewed for like account management in TV advertising or becoming a trainee dental assistant.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I started my first business, in small business consulting, that I would find my ‘why’ and what it would eventually mean to me. Seeing the portfolio’s my client would build and the returns property could bring in both capital growth and rental return inspired me to want to know more and saw me pursue a career in real estate.

Shortly after I started investing and in 2012 on my 22nd birthday I purchased my first property on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and in just under 3 years I went on to become the owner of seven investment properties worth $2.7million dollars.

In 2014, I started my second business, which enabled others to create wealth through property. After significant media attention on my own investing story I become known for being Australia’s youngest property tycoon and expert at the age of 24. I featured in leading media outlets across Australia including The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and The Courier Mail. I appeared on Channel 7, ABC News and 2UE radio and also featured in US and UK media, appeared as a guest speaker at national events, and co-authored 3 books. During this time my business grew exponentially before selling the company assets in the second quarter of 2016.

Later that year, I went on to found my third business, an app that enables first time buyers and investors the tools and resources they need to enter the property market and build their portfolio anywhere in the world from their smartphone.

My journey so far has enabled me to help others build wealth and has more recently enabled me to become an investor and advisor to another start-up pursing their passion.

As a serial entrepreneur and avid investor, I’ve seen all kinds of ups and downs and experienced many moments of self doubt but throughout this my vision to build wealth and help others do the same has always remained clear.

​I am here to tell my story and to help others write theirs.

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