Tracy Leske

My Property Scout is owned and operated by licensed real estate buyer’s advocate and agent Tracy Leske. A leading investment property buyer’s agent in Brisbane, Tracy has been entrenched in Residential Real Estate on a professional and personal level since 1998 and holds Real Estate Licenses in Queensland and Victoria.

In her working career, which has traversed across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, she has become proficient in real estate management, training, sales and marketing, investment strategy and loan structures, project marketing, residential and commercial property management and real estate trust accounting. She has been Principal and Licensee in boutique agencies and spent five years as an Investment Consultant and Manager in a large property development company in South East Queensland.

In her personal time, she has built a high growth portfolio of property in blue chip locations across the east coast of Australia, undertaken extensive additions and renovations to improve capital and rental yield, flipped properties for profit and undertaken owner-builder projects.

Tracy’s widespread experience in real estate has provided her with a broad knowledge of the industry, allowing her to successfully navigate all aspects of the real estate buying and selling process. Becoming a real estate buyer’s agent was inevitable as this role enables her to utilise all of her experience. So whether she is searching, inspecting, negotiating or bidding at auction, she is committed to the best possible outcome.


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