Page One Person: Rhea Balfour

Rhea Balfour is the Director of RJB Property Consultants and Surveyors , a boutique property concierge firm in Edinburgh – but it’s her story, as well as her expertise, which makes her unique!

Rhea made her name streamlining the property market in Shetland and working for some of Scotland’s most prolific property firms, but, after having worked in the property industry for nearly 20 years, 15 years of which was spent in surveying, she was made redundant towards the end of 2019, and that’s when she came to realise (quite quickly) that this was a defining point in her career.

Having had the idea of setting up a private property management service for years prior to that, she just really knew that it was now or never for her…so she learned to trust in her own experience and ability and show people what she could offer as an individual running her own company – and, in January 2020, RJB Property Consultants and Surveyors was born.

Rhea spotted a gap in the market for private property management and concierge services in Edinburgh, and she took her chances! She now provides a qualitative selection of bespoke property services to property owners and investors across the city of Edinburgh, supporting clients with buying, selling, renovating and maintaining property.

There is no hiding it, the last few months have created some very challenging circumstances for everyone, but her firm belief that much of what happens in life is about how we choose to behave in a situation, she worked hard at remaining positive, and used her time to devise a spectrum of services that she knows clients actually need, and found a way of delivering them to the highest standard!

Rhea has standards AND ideals, and she designed her business to be trustworthy as well as unique. Her expertise is huge: she is an AssocRICS qualified surveyor with over 15 years’ experience in the property sector, including all areas of residential valuation work, commercial/SIPP valuations, EPCs and land/crofting valuations.



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Vickie Monaghan
2 years ago

Good on her! The property management sector is booming and people are starting to realise their true potential and place within the industry

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