Page One Female Property Specialist: Elley Hudson

Born and raised in North West Queensland, Elley’s down-to-earth nature doesn’t allow her to treat people like a number, which has resulted in the creation of many great relationships.

Elley has built her career in the property management industry from the bottom up. Now with 12 years of experience, Elley first started as a receptionist when she was only 17 years old. She has developed and managed property management agencies in Townsville and Brisbane and has made the final leap in her career which is to have an agency of her own – Excellence Property.

After years of frustration with how poorly property management agencies were managed, Elley decided it was time to take a stand and start providing a professional service to owners, which many agencies claim to do but don’t actually follow through on.

By developing the Excellence Method and working with excellent people who are trained and educated in the industry, Elley has created a fool proof system that ensures her owners only receive the most accurate, timely and genuine service possible.”

Excellence Property

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