Page one People: Matt Rittner and Duncan Rendall

Rendall & Rittner’s history goes back to 1990 when Matt Rittner and Duncan Rendall, unhappy with the management of the development in which they lived, established the managing agent from their own homes. A year later they rented a small office in Wapping, East London, and took on their first employee.

Duncan Rendall comments: “There was no guarantee that the business would be successful – Matt and I came from different backgrounds but we trusted each other and had similar outlook on things, which is one of the strengths of the business. We’ve always gone the extra mile to solve problems for clients and thirty years on, here we are.”

The results speak for themselves – last year Rendall & Rittner received client income in excess of £300M and its portfolio includes many of London’s largest and most prestigious new developments such as Royal Arsenal, Chelsea Waterfront, St George Wharf and Greenwich Millennium Village. The business has also focused on significant growth outside of London and manages some of the most notable developments including Beetham Tower and Leftbank in Manchester and Ocean Village Marina in Southampton.

The fundamental principle of the business from the outset was to take a people-centred approach to property management and invest heavily in staff. With 480 employees within head office and over 1,500 on site, they are the company’s most valuable asset and through a clear commitment to investing in training and trusting them to do their job, Rendall & Rittner has created a strong culture that values the contribution of individuals.

Matt Rittner comments: “We have employed some of the best people in the industry, we pay them well, and we have numerous staff benefits and excellent training. This has allowed us to develop a team with outstanding experience, we offer them excellent career progression within the company and in turn, we can guarantee the highest levels of service to our customers and stakeholders from staff at every level.”


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