Revealed: The four habits of successful developers

As with most things, not all property investments are created equal. The successes of your property ventures are the product of a range of considerations and your own understanding of the key factors pertinent to advantageous property investment. Although there are numerous sources to acquire information relevant to property development and investing, much of the contributions use trendy terminology without delving into how to actually utilise the strategies to your own advantage. Developers whom have made a living off establishing themselves in the property market have attained their success through recognising exactly how to capitalise on the market and employ the skills of those around them to their advantage.

The following four habits of successful developers have been compiled to assist you in making the wisest investment decisions for your own property portfolio.


It is easy to look at the term research and determine that researching an area is all that is required for lucrative property investments; however the word is used much more broadly. Successful property investors research every element of their purchase. They consider the information contained in articles, blogs and in property magazines to make informed decision about the property landscape and what decisions will position them well into the future. They pay attention to the finer details of the market by delving into the world of interior design and looking at the products of renowned landscape gardeners. Property investors with a successful portfolio educate themselves on the needs of the market they are tyring to appeal to and how to capatalise on those traits. They recognise that they are creating a service for a customer and know how to tap into resources that will increase their property’s appeal; which will inevitably turn into a higher return for them.

Keeping Up With the Times

The property market moves quickly, and no one appreciates the reality of this saying more than smart property investors. The most successful investors constantly keep their investments in mind and regularly assess how they are doing, what should change, and how are they currently positioned compared with their long-term goals. There often comes a time when investors realise that their investment potential is under developed and they devise strategic plans to get them on track. Reorganising land, or adding additional dwellings, has increased in popularity with the increase of professional property development managers. Investors hire property development managers to supervise their projects, and their expertise helps achieve goals within budget and on time. Successful property developers recognise that it takes a village to build a profitable village and are willing to employ the appropriate people to make the returns they desire.

Highs and Lows

The Australian Property market is notorious for having very high highs followed by times of unease. Successful property developers anticipate changes in the property climate and recognise the importance of assessing their investments and determining which ones to hold onto through the more difficult times. However, their research and assessments also uncover when it is time to let go of a particular property. The difference between an investor and a wise investor is their ability to expect instability and know how to handle themselves at all times.

Negotiation Skills

It may come as a surprise that not all property investors are skilled negotiators. Of course many have picked up a trick or two along the way, but more often than not they have considered accessing external support to attain potential properties that will be lucrative investments for years to come. Professional buyer’s advocates are skilled negotiators, trained to know how to achieve a property purchase for the lowest possible price and with the most advantageous set of conditions. Utilising the support of a buyer’s agent helps position successful investors to maximise the value of their acquisition.

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