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Kizzi’s Luxury Property Magazine is the world’s first truly international property investment magazine dedicated to luxury property.  We understand that investors should not be tied to just one country or region when looking to invest in luxury real estate.  We also hold that great strategies for reducing costs and maximising profit when it relates to luxury property can come from experts who may live in different parts of the world.  That’s why our focus is on our four key markets:  The UK, the US, Australia and Europe.   By exploring opportunities, developments and trends from these four regions,  Kizzi’s Luxury Property Magazine is the intelligent property owner’s choice when it comes to making the right investment decisions.

Kizzi’s Luxury Property Magazine is not a news magazine. We are a magazine produced with CARE (Commentary, Analysis, Reflection and Experience). Our readers value our content because it provides them with insight from some of the smartest property investors on the planet.

Our insightful and thought-provoking features include expert advice on the best investment strategies from all over the world, as well as independent commentary and in-depth analyses of market trends.

Kizzi’s Luxury Property Magazine aims to leverage the power of property investment in order to create 100,000 financially free readers worldwide by 2030.

How do we plan to do this?

  • By providing readers with valuable and practical tips and advice on how to manage and finance their investments
  • By focusing on proven expert strategies for sound property investment, no matter where in the world those strategies originated
  • And, importantly, by guiding readers with every tool possible to profit from property investment in luxury real estate.

Kizzi’s Luxury Property Magazine is published by Business Game Changer Magazine

Kizzi Nkwocha,  Editor,  Kizzi’s Luxury Property Magazine


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