Revealed: The Top Ten Property Specialists 2020


The Property Investor is proud to present our annual showcase of  The  Top Ten Property Specialists of 2020.

The Top Ten Property Specialists recognises the outstanding contribution made by individual property experts who have, collectively, shaped the built environment in our key markets of Australia, the UK and the US over the past twelve months.


Anna Clare Harper

Anna is an entrepreneur, property investor, podcast host and author. She recently took on the role of Chief Executive Officer of SPI Capital, an algorithm-driven property asset manager that creates hands-free residential portfolios for busy investors who love the idea of property but lack the time, knowledge or inclination to invest successfully on their own.  Read More.


Nathan Lewes

Nathan Lewes has been working in various aspects of the Australian property industry for more than 12 years.

He has worked in a range of roles from local residential real estate to high-end property marketing, and in offices across Australia from Sydney to Perth.  Read More.


Joshua Boctorani

Joshua Boctorani has long been involved in Australia’s finance and property industry, with more than 13 years of experience.

After completing a Finance and Economics Degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, he began his career in investment banking, before joining a nationwide financial planning firm. Here, he rose through the ranks to become a financial adviser, senior real estate consultant and then a State Manager across both South Australia and New South Wales. Read More.


Marion Mays

Marion Mays (founder and CEO) launched Thalia Stanley Group (named in honour of her parents) in Australia in 2014. The company offers Financial Literacy, Coaching and Mentoring and Wealth Advocacy. She assists clients to achieve their goals of building wealth and financial independence through property investment and other asset classes .  Read More.


Mario Carrozzo

Mario’s working life started from a very young age, working in his Father’s restaurant from just 8 years old. Rather than help him financially, Mario’s Father felt that gifting him with the skills to develop a strong business acumen would be far more valuable.

Mario soon demonstrated his ability to negotiate when, at the age of 18, he found a shrewd way to purchase his first property with a no money down deal, proving from a young age his motto of “you can make money with no money”.  Read More.


Susan Farquhar

Susan Farquhar is now one of the country’s leading experts in investment property, and the journey that led her to Managing Director of Calla Property has been quite remarkable.
At 27, Susan owned three companies and five properties and felt financially secure, but then a devastating death in the family completely destabilised her life.  Luckily, Susan had property to sell to cope with the financial mess that was left behind. However, she felt there had to have been a better way to ‘get out of jail’ than liquidating her assets. Susan, as many people do, had invested in property near her home in the Blue Mountains but wiser investments would have meant refinancing to release equity and not selling up.  Read More.

Trevor Abrahmsohn

Currently: CEO of The Glentree Group.

. Life time achievement awards: Spears Wealth Management, LonRes
. Recognised as the ‘champion’ of residential agents collective interests
. An innovator and spokesperson of the Industry in the media (see Glentree blog) . Political activist and campaigner against Mansion Tax and a keen Brexiteer
. Motivational speaker for assorted charities.  Read More


Jaciara Teotonio

Jaciara Teotonio is the owner of UK BASE PROPERTY, a large, award-winning accommodation service in London. She has been interviewed by CNBC, Isto E Magazine (Brazil) and the Financial Times newspaper.  Read More.


John Pidgeon

John Pidgeon is Solvere’s Director and Head Property and Finance Educator. He has been investing, coaching and teaching people in property for over 20 years.

With a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Financial Planning under his belt, as well as being a qualified Mortgage Broker and Buyers Agent, John coaches personal clients and businesses every day to understand their finances and complex property deals in great depth, and breaks down the deal with the upmost clarity for the most successful outcome. Read More.

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