The  Top Ten Property Leaders: Dane Roche

Dane Roche is a veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) who specialises in helping members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) get the most out of their unique housing entitlements. Dane is one of the most highly sought after Qualified Property Investment Advisor’s for ADF members due to his ability to combine his military service experience with his background (pre-ADF service) as a financial planner.

With a sharp knowledge of the property market, Dane has helped over 150 families find the right property to suit their goals in just four years since leaving the ADF. He specialises in working with people no matter where they are at in their property journey – whether they are just starting to save a deposit, or whether they have a well established portfolio to manage.


Nominees Three Achievements


1. Established Strike Property as the ADF Property Professionals. Strike Property is an evolution of the previously established model of property investment businesses in the respect that it takes in four distinct facets: Financial coaching and property advisory, buyers agency, construction project management, and portfolio oversight & management.


2. Taken Strike Property from being an unknown and brand new organisation to become one of the most trusted (and without doubt the highest qualified) property investment company supporting the ADF community.


3. Supported in excess of fifty clients per year to acquire investment properties or their own homes, continually for the last four years since transitioning out of the ADF. This has resulted in acquiring approximately $100 million worth of assets for clients that have grown in value by 32% on average. In effect this has injected approximately $32 million of profit into the ADF community. These types of profits over long periods will go a long way to address homelessness and financial stresses experienced in the veteran community.


Strike Property

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