Top Ten Property Leaders: George Rodman

About George Rodman

I am here to do one thing – change the way we think about property ownership.  After watching a single mother struggle my entire life, I knew I wanted to help people have homes to call their own and reach some level of financial security.

I developed a love of property early on. I loved every aspect of – the variety of facades and floor plans, almost unlimited potential, the game of it – but in that game, some people couldn’t even get a place on the board.

After 15 years of being in real estate and mortgage broking, I decided to start Quicksilver Projects, where I can bring sound advice and professional knowledge to the table to help everyone invest in property and create financial freedom.


Nominees Three Achievements


– Started a podcast aimed at providing the public with easy to understand information on property, finance and important topics in related fields.

– Featured multiple times in media.

– Helped over 1,000 clients take the steps to achieving financial freedom.


Quicksilver Projects

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