Can we interview you for a book showcasing Successful Women in Property?

The Property Investor Magazine is publishing a ground breaking book profiling successful women who either run their own property or real-estate related business, mentored others, or who have,  in some way,  made a significant contribution to the success of the company (or sector) they work in.

The Property Investor Magazine’s Successful Women in Property is part of a series which focuses on successful women in three distinct areas: Australia and New Zealand, North America and Canada and Europe, including the UK.

Can we interview you for this book? The interview will be a Q&A format which tells your story while also offering advice to other women seeking to succeed in the world of property.   To propose a guest for the Q&A interview,  please get in touch.

This ground breaking book will be published as an ebook, paperback and hardback. The Property Investor Magazine’s Successful Women in Property promotes the work of The Ethical Publishers Association (ETHPA) which campaigns for philanthropy and corporate social responsibility in business.




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